The different benefits of blogging to communities.


Blogging brings a lot of benefits to different communities. First of all, I would like to shares the benefits of blogging towards blogger where by blogging is one of their hobbies. According to Jeetbanerjee (2013), people who blog will learn a lot. This is because in order for a blogger to write well, they must read a lot especially when the blogger needs to specialize on some particular topics such as blogging about historical place. A blogger could not just write about historical place without reading and understand the story behind it. By reading article or books about the historical place, the blogger will increase their knowledge towards a particular historical place.

Secondly, I would like to shares the benefit of blogging for a student which is able to have an open reflection. Couros G (2013) stated that instead of simply throwing all the information into our brains, we have to take some time to think about what have we learn and make meaningful connections. Blogging as a student will have the opportunity to learn from the comments and advice of others which will help to refine some ideas. In other words, students who blog will not only see what they learn, but they can learn from each other as well.

Last but not least, I would like to share the benefits of blogging for businesses. According to Zahorsky (2013), one of the benefits of blogging for businesses is to build community especially for those who are in small business. The small business will have the chance to share their expertise and knowledge with a larger audience when they blog. There will an opportunity to build community by connecting a larger audience as there will be more people viewing the blog when there are blog posts that the audience would like to know.


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One thought on “The different benefits of blogging to communities.

  1. For this one…approach it this way: find out how communities, eg. in Malaysia/ Myanmar/ Arab countries had benefitted and apply a bit of concept (new media interactivitiy quality) as support.

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