How readers perceive blog credibility & how to build credibility through content ideas.

There are more than a millions of people searching information over the internet looking for a wide variety of information. Thus, selecting credible information from the various resources on the internet is a challenge for anyone of us. Noor Azlin Bidin and Normah Mustaffa stated that some users may find that blogs are more credible. This is because “they are independent rather than controlled by corporate interests, bloggers may discuss issues traditional media shy away from because they might hurt corporations”.

These are some compelling ways you can create blog content:

  • Creating content without creating

According to Iny D, (2011) bloggers do not need to be creative or original. They can even write a good piece of work without being creative or original. Bloggers can write a review regarding the things that they like and the reasons why they like it. For example, a female blogger can review on her newly bought cosmetics. By reviewing the cosmetics, readers will be able to know more about the product before purchasing it.

  • Share your passion in your blog

According to Sehgal (2012), by sharing your passion in your blog will helps to gain credibility. He states that “passion will affect the “feel” when people read your blog”. For example when a blogger writes all of his or her blog post with passion, the readers will get affected by his or her words and this will leads the readers to love reading their blogs and it will gain followers just because of their passion towards blogging.

  • Show your expertise

According to Sehgal (2012), blogging is a tool to show expertise to the readers. The purpose is to gain the trust from your readers so that you can build a relationship with them. Bloggers have to perform like an expert and show expertise to the readers in order to build good credibility for the blog.


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