Differentiate the functions of blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

In the 21st century, most of the people are on social network such as facebook, twitter or blogs. First of all, there is a major different between facebook, twitter and blogs.  According to the social network statistics (www.statisticbrain.com, 2012), there are 54% of people on facebook, 10% of people on twitter.


Facebook helps to reconnect with old friends and family members or find new friends online. Facebook users are able to use the features such as email, instant messaging, image and video sharing to get connect with their friends and family members. Besides that, they also find their long lost friend on Facebook by searching their names or email.

The picture above shows the different guide to twitter. Twitter can be one-way or two-way communications. It allows you to type out for feelings and express your emotions. Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters and therefore the twitter user got to keep it short and understandable. However, there are many companies who use twitter as one of their advertising purpose.

Blog is a bit different from twitter as blog has no word limits. Most of the bloggers will share their own stories in their blog and some bloggers may write on a particular review towards a particular product. Therefore it became an advertising blogs. However, there are some people who do not know how to express their feeling through speaking or and hence they will prefer writing it on a blog, it eventually replace blog as their diary.

The new media play an important role to coexist with the traditional media. According to Wolswinkel H (2008), nowadays newspapers are no longer able to attract young new readers. Besides that, Richardson H (2011), stated that youngsters prefer read text messages and emails than fiction. This shows that the new media have to put in more effort to attract youngster to read them and get information from them. However, the traditional media will still do their part to convey the same message or information as the new media. This is because some of the target audience will not prefer using the new media. For example, the picture below is from McDonals’s Malaysia Facebook page. We can see that they are promoting their weekday breakfast set with only Rm4.


photo (8)

And from the picture above which I extract from the Sun newspaper on 11th April 2013 pg 2, it promotes the same thing as their Facebook page. By promoting the same advertisement in their Facebook page will enables the teenagers to get the same information without looking at the newspaper. Therefore, the new media plays an important role to coexist with the traditional media.

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